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Meet Gina

Ditta-Donahue, FNP-C, ABAAHP

Gina is the Owner and Founder of Elevate Functional Medicine.  She created the EETS Process to develop high quality personalized care from a Functional Medicine perspective.  She specializes in customizing health programs for hormone dysfunction, digestive disorders, thyroid disease and aging healthfully. Visit her office, located in Suwanee, Georgia near Town Center, or set up a virtual appointment.

Advancing Health

Personalized health solutions for people who are motivated to feel better.

What Clients
       Have to Say

Gina has been a lifesaver for me! She is very kind and explains everything in a way I can understand. I feel better already!


So far my experience with Gina and Elevate has been amazing. It’s a completely different experience than conventional medicine in the best way possible. I would highly recommend!!


"After many years of feeling crummy and progressively worsening but hearing "your blood work is fine," I'm so grateful to have found Gina."


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Foundational Assessment

Not sure where to start?  If your goal is to discover the root cause of your symptoms and address them directly, then a full functional medicine visit and genetic blueprint are a great place to start your health journey.

Hormone Balancing

Fatigue? Insomnia? Weight Gain? Hot flashes? Brain Fog? Loss of muscle mass?  If you feel like your hormones are working against you, then diving into a full hormone evaluation can reveal your imbalances and offer the key to restoring health.

Gut Balancing

Bloated?  Heartburn? Variable stools? Abdominal pain? Gas?  Everything starts in the gut.  If you are suffering from chronic digestive issues, then advanced gut health testing can uncover the root cause of your discomfort.

Thyroid Balancing

Brain fog? Fatigue? Hair loss? Poor concentration? Thyroid hormone receptors are located in every cell of the body.  A full thyroid hormone panel can demonstrate whether you have enough active thyroid hormone for your body’s needs.

Services We Provide

Your Functional

Medicine Partner

Gina's goal is to partner with you on your health journey to wellness. Many of us are tired of the one-sided traditional medical approach to wellness. When you partner with Gina, she will take a personalized and multi-faceted approach to help you feel your best.

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