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About Gina

How did you get started in Anti-Aging Medicine?

I went into nursing because I wanted to support people on their healing journey through the most critical time in their lives - through illness and disease.  After 21 years of working as a registered nurse, I grew disheartened by the disease driven, rotating door approach to healthcare.  Many of my patients were not receiving the support they needed to actually heal.  The more experience I gained working with people of all ages, the more I realized how much they were being failed by conventional medicine.  


It was obvious: the only way for me to truly make a difference was to become a holistic provider.  I returned to school and completed my Family Nurse Practitioner degree.  Shortly thereafter, I attended an Anti-Aging workshop and enrolled in the Fellowship of Anti-Aging Medicine.  I knew I had found the key to truly supporting people toward healing.

What is your philosophy of health & healing?

Health is the natural state of being.  I think of dis-ease is the body’s language telling us something is out of balance.  Many factors in our lives can create imbalance such as stress, lack of sleep, diet, environmental exposures and social factors.  The good news is that once identified we can give the body what it needs to get back on track.


I believe that health and healing can only take place when the whole person is considered, not just a diagnosis.  We are all complex beings with physical, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves that are influenced daily.  As people start to learn how to unravel their symptoms, their healing journey can truly begin.

Who is your ideal patient?

My ideal patient is anyone who is frustrated with feeling sick and is ready to begin the work of healing.  I especially love to work with people who are dealing with gut symptoms, hormone imbalance, thyroid disease and chronic inflammation.



Gina Ditta-Donahue is Your Functional Medicine Partner. A certified Family Nurse Practitioner and board certified by the American Board of Anti-Aging Healthcare Providers, Gina supports you on your health journey to find the root cause of your symptoms.

Gina will search for underlying triggers that are contributing to your imbalances utilizing cutting edge lab testing and create a unique plan meeting your specific needs.

She may use diet, lifestyle changes, supplements and restorative practices but will always partner with you to seek the most personalized plan to help your body restore balance.

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